Pete Buttigieg Quits from Presidential White House Race

Pete Buttigieg, the former mayor of Indiana who made an ambitious presidential bid, has declared that he is finishing his White House campaign. The 38-year-old became the first of a major party’s openly gay presidential candidates when he revealed he was running for the Democratic nomination. But its campaign lost traction in recent weeks after a strong launch.

His decision to drop outcomes ahead of a crucial day to take on Trump in the Democratic Race on Tuesday. Fourteen states would vote on Super Tuesday, through which time staunch left-winger Bernie Sanders would have an unparalleled lead and be a step closer to the nomination. His absence also left six Democrats in the race. Mr Buttigieg, talking to supporters in his hometown of South Bend, Indiana, emphasized the ideals that his campaign had hoped to achieve.

He promised that he would do “everything in my power” to ensure a Democratic victory in November’s election. Mr Buttigieg unexpectedly, and narrowly, won the primary season’s first event, the Iowa caucuses, on February 3. Yet he failed to replicate the performance. Also, win the delegates needed to make him the leader and confirm his nomination later. On Saturday, he finished a distant fourth at South Carolina.

Pete Buttigieg Was First Competitor for White House Race

This was one of the least possible campaigns for the presidency in years. It is between 2012 and January this year, Mr Buttigieg’s only political experience had been as the centrist mayor. It is of the US’s 306th largest city, South Bend, Indiana. He had previously served as an intelligence officer for the US Navy and in the war in Afghanistan. He was the first person to run for the White House, and if he had succeeded, he would have become the youngest President to take office.

The son of Maltese immigrant, he had already been speculated in the 2020 election as a potential candidate. But having declared his candidacy in April of last year, he was able to break through a crowded field. This is to become one of the campaign’s most recognizable faces.

In that time, according to the Federal Election Commission, he earned more than $82 m (£ 64 m). This is one of the highest totals of all the candidates.


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