Mass Shooting at Brewing Company in the US, 5 Killed

In a shocking incident on Wednesday, a mass shooting took place when a terminated employee fired shots on a major brewing company’s Milwaukee campus. Updating the incident, President Donald Trump confirmed five people had been killed. Trump’s comments were the first official confirmation about the toll in the current spasm of America’s gun violence crisis, at a press conference on the emerging coronavirus.

Milwaukee mayor Tom Barrett stated later that there had been “many deaths” and he suspected the gunman included this.

The US media including ABC News and the local Fox affiliate reported earlier in the day. They state that the gunman had been shot from the beer empire owned by the brands Coors and Miller. The local CBS affiliate said the gunman seemed to have taken another employee’s nametag. He then returned with a pistol to the office complex.

In addition to the shooter, six people lost lives in the rampage, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel said. The local CBS affiliate state four people along with the shooter lost lives.

Gun Violence Archives Reveal 417 Mass Shooting in 2019

Midwestern city police scheduled to hold a press conference at 6:00 pm (0000 GMT). They posted on twitter that the scene was “active” — but there was no threat any more. Also on site was the Chicago Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives division.

The Journal Sentinel cites a brewery employee’s husband, Lasonya Ragdales. She talks on the premises by the company about an active shooter. She texts him from inside a closed room with colleagues. Even nearby schools are on lockdown.

Until last year the company’s name was MillerCoors. In October 2019 the beer company announces it would be undergoing a major overhaul. It formally changed its name to Molson Coors Brewing Co. It also shifted its North American headquarters from Denver to Chicago and transferred hundreds of corporate bureau jobs to Milwaukee.

During the restructuring, the company expects to cut 400 to 500 jobs across the organization. As per the research group Gun Violence Archives, the Milwaukee shooting is the beginning of a long list. It is related to shooting violence in the US. It saw a record 417 mass shootings in 2019.

America digests what seems to be another mass shooting, weighing in Democratic presidential hopefuls began.


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