Italy Coronavirus Death Toll Shot Up To 1,809

The number of deaths due to coronavirus shot up by 368 to 1,809 in Italy more than half of all cases reported outside China. When northern Italian leaders informed they were running out of beds and mechanical respirators, the Vatican took the drastic step of cancelling Easter week celebrations.

Pope Francis left the Vatican City on Sunday “on foot, as if on a pilgrimage,” to pray for victims of the coronavirus pandemic in one of Rome’s cathedrals, the Vatican said. Closed throughout France and Spain, which became European virus hotspots, cafes, shops and restaurants, too.

Italy had ordered the closing of all non-essential companies. Spain went a step further, prohibiting people from leaving their homes except for going to work, having medical treatment or buying food. Cases have also spiked in Germany which from Monday will impose border checks with France, Austria, Switzerland, Luxemburg and Denmark.

Airports on High Alert with New Regulations

Last week, in the Schengen region of Europe, the United States placed a travel ban on countries and has since added Britain and Ireland to the list. The new regulations threw airports into disarray, with travellers lamenting large queues. This is as workers struggled with new entry laws and medical screening requirements.

US President Donald Trump screened the disease negatively. This has come into touch with some members of a Brazilian presidential team who have tested favourably since. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said Sunday the disease outbreak’s impact in the American economy. It caused a “slowdown,” but he didn’t expect a full-blown recession.

As per a tally collected by AFP from official sources. The number of officially reported novel coronavirus cases globally stood at 163,930. 6,420 deaths, at 1700 GMT Sunday across 141 countries and territories. Europe’s death toll reached 2,000 Sunday.

The disease has now reached all regions of the world, ripping sporting and cultural calendars, shaking stock markets and businesses. Particularly airlines and often prompting government responses that contradict one another.


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