Cape Cod’s Island Reopens for Public for the First Time in 300 Years

One island in Cape Cod’s coast is now open to the public for the first time in 300 years. Sipson Island has been private property since 1711 when it was sold to White settlers by the Monomoyick people. Today, with the aid of a local non-profit, the newly minted Sipson Island Trust aims to preserve and care for the island using the Native American principle to see land as a gift for all to use.

The 10-hectare island, that opened on Saturday, is situated just off Cape Cod ‘s coast in an area known as Pleasant Bay-an area of special concern for the environment. Throughout the Beautiful Bay area, tourists can enjoy biking, sandy beaches, snorkelling and 360-degree views.

The cost of that was the problem. It was a steep price for a non-profit, at $16 million ( US$ 12 million). The group The Friends of Pleasant Bay eventually helped collect the funds and extend the closing date to make it possible in the past four years. In June the private trust established for $7.4 million ( US$ 5.3 million) to manage the island closed on the islands.

Tourists Can Enter from the East Shore

Now that it is completely accessible to the public, tourists are welcomed from the East Shore to enter the island. Nonetheless, due to the fragile environment in the water, only shallow draft boats under 22 feet can land. The five-year plan is to knock down three of the island ‘s existing four buildings. It is to construct and develop an open-air science and education centre. The aim is to preserve the island’s ecosystem, support and work on environmental. Also, historical education, and provide for public recreation in and around Sipson.

There are still eight acres on the property that aren’t under the name of the trust. Also, they intend to collect the funds quickly to get the whole island under the protection of the trust.


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