9500 American Troops to be Removed Off the German Base: Donald Trump

US President Donald Trump has announced plans to move 9500 American troops off German bases. In his payments to Nato, he suspected Germany of being “delinquent,” and said that he would stick to the strategy unless Berlin changed course. Mr Trump has long complained that Nato ‘s European members should spend more on defending themselves.

Germany’s US ambassador said US troops were not there to protect Germany but to protect transatlantic stability. Emily Haber added Berlin was told of the strategy. US media published reports of reductions earlier this month in the face of growing tensions with their partners in Mr Trump’s New North Atlantic Treaty Organization ( Nato).

He said leaders of Nato would no longer rely so heavily on the US to bear the costs of keeping the alliance going. The allies’ statement focuses on the goal decided by all alliance members that defence spending will hit 2 % of GDP by 2024 (GDP, the total value of products generated and services provided). As with many other nations, Germany has yet to achieve this goal.

Trump Takes Measures to Worry the German Government

In officially accepting plans for a major US troop cut-back in Germany-a proposal that first leaked to the press earlier this month-President Trump has taken a measure that will greatly worry the German government and alarm most of the other NATO allies in Washington as well.

Until now, the conventional view expressed by Germany’s US ambassador, Emily Harber. It is that US troops in Europe were not so much for defending Germany. This is as for defending trans-Atlantic security. Analysts also point out that the large US presence in Germany. Also provides the US with major transit and jump-off point. It is for the Middle East, Africa and elsewhere operations.

Strategic analysts see this as a move which can only favour Russia as a whole and weaken NATO. And it’s a move that will be watched closely by Washington’s allies far beyond Europe. Most of whom all see the Trump Administration as an uncertain. Also, increasingly inaccurate partner at a time of growing big-power competition. He also blamed Germany, talking to journalists on Monday, of treating the US “very badly as regards trade.”

He also believed Germany benefited from getting the troops there because the soldiers were spending their money in the country. The US military presence in Germany is an inheritance of the country’s post-World War Two Ally occupation. Currently, Germany hosts the largest number of US forces in Europe, followed by Italy, the UK and Spain. Some US personnel living in Europe support non-Nato operations. It fluctuates US military numbers as forces move in and out of Europe.


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